I aggressively collected geocoins from May 2006 through to the end of 2008. Presented here are 986 of the approximately 1,040 geocoins I acquired during the frenzy.

SquareD22 Bonefish

SquareD22 Bonefish

SquareD22 announced his Bonefish handmade geocoin in the gc.com forums in September 2007. Unfortunately, the thread was quickly shut down for selling non-trackable geocoins (there was no mention of price anywhere). Anyhoo, there was no information, and since I am posting this almost two years later, I can't remember how many he created. Typically, SquareD22's production run is around 20 geocoins in all metals, so they are usually very scarce. One thing I do know for sure is they are very beautiful.

Size: 73 x 26 mm | Weight: 18 g

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