GCR3X8 - Sunny Dale Cache

Jakob hunting Sunnydale Geocache

This FTF was one of those "live for the moment" events. Jakob and I arrived home first on this evening, and instead of doing the correct thing -- get the home work done, including the project that was due the next day -- we charged off to try for an FTF in our own backyard. This cache literally showed up on the homebase radar minutes before we arrived home. It was practically in our backyard and in the same park as the first cache I ever found. It seemed irresponsible not to go for it!

The fact that it was dark did not matter, but it didn't help that we forgot the high-power flashlights and had to run on a set of LEDs. No matter, we found it and had a great workout doing it. For the full story, read the FTF Log below.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA