Danoshimano & GeoJake Go To Meaford

On Saturday August 12, finding themselves abandoned and alone, Danoshimano (aka Dad) and GeoJake (aka Jakob) headed out on a geocaching adventure around Georgian Bay. With no particular goal in mind -- other than a caching adventure -- they headed toward Collingwood and beyond.

By the time they made it back home late Saturday night, they had found 5 geocaches, missed on two others, and had plenty of fun.

2006 08 12 1351
2006 08 12 1409
2006 08 12 1430
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2006 08 12 1529
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2006 08 12 1824

STOP #1 Collingwood - Found GCVPJX "Simcoe County Trail Series - Sunset Point" A quick stop and jaunt on a nice trail in Collingwood to find the cache. Jakob scored a new Hot Wheels car.

STOP #2 Near Craigleith - Found GCVPJX "COG2 #08 - Muggle Ville" A park-and-grab cache, found under a little bridge crossing the ditch to the bike trail. Jakob scores a flashing Canada flag pin that conveniently attaches to his face with its awesome magnet power.

After the second cache, Jakob spotted the shale beach at Craigleigth and called for some wading. Actually, Jakob went to the edge of the shale and went right in, while Dad stuck with the wading.

STOP #3 Past Craigleith - Found GCKADK "Geogian Bay Series: Christie Beach" Christie Beach turned out to be a cool spot, where a lot of time was spent and pictures taken. It was here that Dad and Jakob once again waded, this time out to a long rocky island. But to get there, they had to brave the ultra-squishy clay bottom.

STOP #4 Near Meaford - DID NOT FIND GCPNA3 "Unknown Stop Travel Bug Hotel" At the entrance to a cemetary, a strange stop sign in a strange location. But no cache. And no swans, either, as promised in the cache description. Onward!

STOP #5 Meaford - Found GCJV2H "Rocky Lighthouse" A real fun cache that required navigating the large breakwall at the marina. This cache was almost a DNF, but once Dad ignored the misleading clue and trusted the GPSr, the cache was found. This is where Jakob didn't heed the DON'T STEP ON A CRACK rule.

STOP #6 Meaford - DID NOT FIND GCVY18 "COG2 #06 Georgian Trail" A cache under a bridge on a large hiking/biking trail, but alas it was not found. And the next cachers that came along some days later didn't find it either.

STOP #7 South of Meaford - Found GCJ8H5 "Minniehill Bruce  Cache" For the final, the explorers headed to the farming highlands south of Meaford and hit the Bruce Trail. It was a classic walk, with crevices, including the one that held the cache.

After making the find, the boys headed back home where they picked up a pizza and some rootbeer and watched a late movie.

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