Meadow Mouse Trail

"Meadow Mouse Trail" by the Buttdraggin Trails Gang was a real doozy of a cache. We considered turning back a few times (like other cachers before us had done), but somehow kept pressing on.

The problem was the weeds: They were taller than we were! Then we got into the swamp a bit, and had to jump from clump to clump, hanging on to the weeds for balance. But we made it, and it was worth it!

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We completed this cache (find #60) in mid-September 2004. You can view our official log (and the full story) HERE.

Incidently, the Buttdraggin' Trails Gang were responsible for the very first cache I ever found on New Year's Day 2004. It is "Sunnidale Slog" located in Sunnidale Park in Barrie, just 2.1km from our home. I went there armed with my new GPSr (a Christmas present), found the cache, and came back so excited that the family decided they had to join in the adventure.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA