Algonquin Lookouts

This pair of caches are located in Algonquin Park. We parked in the lot for the popular -- and often crowded -- Algonquin Lookout Trail, which leads to "Algonquin on Foot". First, though, we crossed the road to search for the "Algonquin Lookout South Trail" cache. This trail is unmarked, and hidden from the masses. The hike is longer, and the view to the south is even more spectacular, taking in hundreds of square kilometers.


Thank goodness for geocaching, or we would probably never have found this gem! Once back in the parking lot, the team split up. Kritter and GeoJen relaxed in the van, while Danoshimano and Jake forged onward.

The second cache is on the well-travelled Lookout Trail. Although we were a little late to see the full colour of the leaves, the upside was that we didn't have to walk the trail in a long line of people on bus tours.

The nice hikes and the views were enough to put these two caches on the favourites list, but as an added bonus both of them also feature excellent opportunities for the old "take a picture of me clinging on the edge of a cliff trick."

Unfortunately, Ontario Parks (as well as Parks Canada) appears to be shutting down the sport of Geocaching in parks. The driving force behind this seems to be lack of understanding, and the inevitable bureaucracy that prevents understanding. Geocaching is an excellent way to promote parks, and healthy family activity in those parks.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA