GCQ8TH - LSS - Spirit Cacher

Spirit Catcher

This FTF proved to be great fun, especially due to the coincidence surrounding it. Our Ghost Town "Josephine" cache had just been published late on a Tuesday evening. The next morning, local geocacher "Swifteroo" headed out and scored the FTF. That same evening, I came home and found notification of this cache published by Swifteroo in my inbox. So I hopped on my bike, headed down, and was FTF!

This cache should not be too hard to find, but it can be extremely difficult to get due to its high traffic location. This makes it a challenge for geocachers, who strive to never reveal a cache site to geomuggles (non-geocachers). When I made the find, I turned out to be very fortunate. Within minutes of snagging and returning the cache, the area around the cache site became dense with geomuggles munching on fast food.

Four days later, we were all out for a walk around Heritage Park after seeing a play at Theatre By The Bay. Jake and Kritter wanted to see this cache location, so we headed over. When we arrived, Jakob spotted his school friend Elliot and family with the cache in hand! Turns out it was their second find on their first-ever day of caching.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA