GCQGMR - Strachan Tract Cache - Simcoe County Forest

The 8th Wander

FTF #6! This cache showed up on the radar Sunday morning and I scored an FTF even though I didn't arrive at the trail head until just after 10:00 am. This cache is located in beautiful and natural mixed hardwood forest that anybody will enjoy walking in. But this cache really shines if you like mountain biking. The parking coordinates are the trail head for the fabled 8th Wander, a carefully planned cornucopia of singletrack.

All of the main marked trails in this area were built by an acquaintence of mine who used to keep maps on his website. However, they have been removed due to liability issues I suspect. No matter: you have a GPSr on your handlebars! Explore without fear of getting lost. You can actually go all the way to Copeland Forest from here. When you get to the north-west corner, cross kiddy-corner to the south-east of the corner of the next section for more singletrack.

The 8th Wander

If you stay between the 8th and 7th lines, you have three trails to choose from, which means you have to go out and back twice to try to experience it all. Trust me, you will want to do this. There's a nice switch-back in the middle that is fun descending and climbing. Toward the end of the section, you can find the ramp-rock: Ride up the ramp, and drop off the other side. It's not as bad as it looks, since the ground comes halfway up on the other side. Still, it can be unnerving if you are not used to that kind of stuff. The first time I rode up it, I lost my nerve and stopped on the top. From there, I slid off the left side and was lucky my double-boinger bike absorbed the impact. The next time I rode it successfully, and the third and final time I almost did a power-endo. Now I just ride around it.

Great for walking, even better on a bike. This cache is in a great spot for many to enjoy, and there are some other great caches in the area, too. I hope it lasts for many years.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA