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GCQ820 - Ghost Town Josephine

Kristin with geocache

Kritter's special cache! We put this one together in the spring, and finally hid it at the end of August. The cache was published just before midnight on August 23, and found the very next morning by Swifteroo.

NOTE: Sometime between June 14 and July 4, 2006, the cache was stolen from its location. Unfortunately, a travel bug went MIA with the cache. A replacement with fresh swag was quickly put in place.

We originally heard about this "ghost town" from Aunt Laurie, and Kristin decided she wanted to find it and hide the cache there. So we headed out on a beautiful Sunday in August. The trail in was flat and open, but we really had no idea where the rumoured ghost town may be.

Around the 800 metre mark, we decided we would walk 1 km before turning back and seeking further info. Luckily, we came upon the plaque at the 985 meter mark. From here it was a short hike through the golden rod to the remnants of Joseph Budd's Dream.

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This cache should be accessible year round. In the spring, there is a possibility that the ditch beside the rail trail will be filled with water, but it should be jumpable. As with all of our caches, we endevour to fill the cache with high-quality trading items since we know the prize at the end really can be important. Please trade even or trade up!

Foggy Ghost Town Josephine

Ghostly Fog (photo by Swifteroo)

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA