(Another) Summer Road Trip

road trip 2017

Another summer, another road tip! This year, the trip was to and around Nova Scotia, along with a bunch of stuff between here and there.

The first stop was Thousand Islands National Park for some kayaking and a stay in an oTENTik overlooking the St. Lawrence River. From there we moved on to Old Quebec City, then a long drive through New Brunswick (but we didn't quite drive on through). Another long haul got us to Nova Scotia which we toured around for eight days, before another haul back through New Brunswick (again, not quite driving on through). Our main stop in Quebec on the way home was Montreal, followed the next day by a return visit to Sucerie de la Montagne where we actually got to feast this year. A final stop in Alogonquin park, and after 15 days we topped it all off with a visit to Flying Monkeys in downtown Barrie.


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA