March Break in California

Night view of Los Angeles

Eight days in Southern California with Jakob for March Break!

We started with three nights in Los Angeles at the Magic Castle, a boutique hotel in downtown Hollywood. The first night, Jakob went on his own to The Troubador Club to see one of his faves "Chris Webby", while Jennifer and I explored Griffith Park Observatory (top picture, above. Link to more photos below).

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4 PUMPKINS - 2010 Edition

Pumpkin10 Dan
Pumpkin10 Jakob
Pumpkin10 Jen
Pumpkin10 Kristin

There is definitely a theme happening this year. Go ahead and click on them to see who the carvers are.

Trip to The Pinery

On the beach at the Pinery

The Pinery Provincial Park is an interesting and unique spot located on Lake Huron about 50 km north-west of London and 9 km south of Grand Bend. Jennifer -- the family Social Director and Marvelous Matriarch -- organized a three-night camp out for the last weekend in August, and it was fabulous.

The description on The Pinery's website starts with "towering oak trees, sun flecks on a golden carpet of leaves, shrubs & wildflowers and a rich abundance of unique and rare organisms" and it does live up to that. The landscape is undulating sand dunes (up to 30+ m high) with most of the surviving oak savanna in North America. All of this along a 10 km stretch of sand beach with water that is actually warm enough to swim in.

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Long Weekend in Montreal

Jakob in Montreal

For the Victoria Day weekend, we travelled by train to Montreal with Grandma and Grandpa S. and Jocelyn. The 4.5 hour train ride was quite comfortable, getting us to downtown Montreal -- and about 3 blocks from our hotel -- around 9:00pm on Friday evening.

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Pumpkin09 Dan
Pumpkin09 Jakob
Pumpkin09 Jen
Pumpkin09 Kristin

Don't be frightened! Go ahead and click on them to see who the carvers are.

Excursion to the Bruce Peninsula

Clements Family on Georgian Bay

Our latest excursion was a four day camping trip at Bruce Peninsula National Park, near the tip of the Bruce Peninsula.

The camping at the Cyprus Lake campground could be described as "rugged", however, it was quite luxurious compared to canoe camping. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon with a van load of kayaks, bikes, tents, and camera gear. 

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The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA