Kristin Departs for Epic Hiking Adventure

kristin pct flight

This morning we dropped Kristin off at Pearson at 5:30 am for her flight to San Diego, and early tomorrow morning she will be shuttled to the Mexican border near Campo, California. From there, she will proceed to walk 4,265 km back to Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail. Egads!

Starting at the Mexican border, the PCT makes its way through California, Oregon, and Washington, passing through deserts and making its way along the Sierra Nevada and Cascade mountain ranges. Did I mention it's almost four thousand three hundred kilometres long? Lots of people start the journey and about one in four make it all the way to the end.

Kristin has been a wilderness person all her life (we dragged her out there), but this is a whole other level. In the picture above, the blue duffle bag contains her back pack and all of her gear for this epic five month journey. We have equipped her with a Garmin InReach so she can keep us updated on her progress through the Iridium satellite system.

She is really doing this. Egads. (Again.)

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