Website overhauled (and hauled to new host)

Not the longest run between major overhauls, but a close second at just over three years (a long time in internet years). The big change this time is the move from Bluehost to Hostpapa for the hosting of (and and coin (along with a small pile of domain names)).

I always wanted to be on a Canadian server in Canada (with a host who charges the same or less, but in Canadian dollars), but the prospect of moving the whole shebang was too intimidating. But the time was right, and here we are. Besides the hosting move, I have upgraded to the YOOtheme Pro template system, which is quite amazing to work with (and I can afford it with the money I am saving on hosting costs).

All the other bits and pieces have been updated, cleaned out, or tuned up (including YOOtheme Zoo, which runs the geocoin part of the site (which is quite popular)).  And no more Guest Book, because I don't want to run afoul of the EU and the new GDPR. No more Google Analytics either. But I do record visitors IP addresses, which I keep for no less than 3 months and no longer than 4 months. There, that's my Privacy Policy.

Finally, the site is now running on PHP 7.2.x which makes it all faster and more secure (and ready for the release of Joomla 4).

As usual, this post is strictly for my own record keeping and personal edification, so if you are reading this you are probably me. (Hi!)

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA