Duran the Seeing Eye Dog

Duran the Seeing Eye dog

Duran is Jack "Grandpa" Clements' new Seeing Eye Dog. He arrived around May 15, with a trainer, who spent 10 days training both of them. Now the 10 days is up and they're on their own. Duran is very well behaved and is working on getting used to all the new things in his life.

Duran is a Golden Retriever from The Seeing Eye, Inc. in Morristown, New Jersey. Although people tend to use the term "Seeing Eye Dog" generically, it is actually a registered trademark of the guide school in Morristown and only dogs from there can be called Seeing Eye Dogs. There are at least eight other organizations in the United States that train and provide guide dogs for the blind, as well as one in Canada.

This is Jack's fourth Seeing Eye dog, and the first one where the training took place at home. Previously, he had to travel to Morristown for training.

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