Jakob Wins Jumbo at Fair

Jakob wins jumbo prize

Excitement at the fair reached a fevered pitch this year as Jakob snatched a jumbo prize from a confused game attendant.

The game -- a fish-for-a-prize-bag style affair -- promised a jumbo prize to anybody who fished out a bag that contained a balloon. Jakob made his choice and the young lady running the game asked him what he thought he got. Jakob's two word response was simply "a balloon."

Upon opening the bag and looking inside, his statement proved true, and Jakob claimed his first jumbo prize ever. Since this was the first time the game attendant had seen a jumbo winner, she wasn't sure what to do. Jakob's wish that she would confuse one of the really humongous "Choice" prizes for a jumbo did not come to pass, but he was thrilled to receive a rather large psychedelic frog thingy.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA