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Color Magazine Issue #7

My photograph "The Shoppers" is featured on page 232 of Color Magazine Special Issue #7! That's kind of cool (at least for me). There are 127 "merit award" winners published in the magazine, out of over 2,000 photographs submitted. My photograph is published in the abstract category.

I created the photograph in January 2009, at Yorkdale shopping centre in Toronto. The sun had pretty much set outside, and the light-play was incredible in the glass panels high above my head. This is a "straight" image, that is, no digital manipulation, except of course that I develop my own photographs rather than let the camera decide on a final jpg for me. My lens is wide open (f/4.0) fully extended (105 mm) and ISO is high (3200).

The Shoppers - abstract photograph

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA