On Newstands Again (this time in Black & White)

B&W Magazine

Around the time I submitted some single images to Color magazine, I also submitted a few portfolios to B&W magazine. Back around the end of April, I received an email informing me I was a "B&W Excellence Award winner!" There was no mention of which portfolio had been selected, so I had to wait until my copies arrived in the mail today to find out.

Between my selection of photographs of the Gehry staircase at the Art Gallery of Ontario, the inside of the Royal Ontario Museum's "Crystal", and the river and waterfalls on the Black River in Vankoughnet, B&W magazine selected the latter. Now, Vankoughnet is featured on four pages of Black and White Magzine Special Issue #76.

The publishers informed me that they received 1,068 portfolios from 685 photographers (over 10,000 images), and that only 15 were selected and printed in the special issue.

The 12 images I submitted are below. You can see more of my moving water explorations here and some Gehry staircase photographs here (mixed in with other abstract work). Some of the ROM Crystal photographs are in various galleries on my photography website, so feel free to browse around while you are there.

Black River Between Falls
Brink Of Low Falls
Different Perception
High Falls Sideshow
Into The Chute
Ledge At Low Falls
Low Falls
Rock And Water
Tenacious Grasses
Tree In Waterfall
Waterfall Currents

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