Kristin Clements Graduates at Top of Class

Kristin graducates from Grade 12

Kristin Ann Clements' grade 12 graduation ceremony turned out pretty spectacular for her family when Kristin graduated from Barrie Central Collegiate at the top of her class. We knew she was doing very well, but she did not have her final exam marks, and we arrived just before the ceremony began and all the programs were gone.

Jennifer had quickly borrowed a program from the person beside her and scanned through the pages of awards to see if her name was there, but she didn't see it. Until the end, that is, when she came across the final page which was pretty much filled with Kristin's academic accomplishments. The best part for me was that she did not mention it, so what happened next came as a big surprise.

After all the names were read and the scrolls handed out, a couple dozen students remained in chairs on the stage for the awards portion of the ceremony. My daughter is getting an award! I asked Jen what award and she said something like "I saw something in the program, but can't remember what it was, exactly..." Right.

They saved her for the very end. She won seven academic awards, including top student in Chemistry, Senior Biology, Mathematics, and Modern Western Civilizations History. In addition, she was top female student and top student overall. But wait, that's not all! The final award was the Governor General's Academic Medallion, awarded for the top student in Grade 11 and 12 combined. Wow.

All of Kristin's hard work paid off, and she really did work at it. (And it paid off in more ways than one, since those awards came with over $1,000 in cheques.)

Congratulations honey! You really did deserve that standing ovation.

1 Top Student In Chemistry
2 Top Student In Senior Biology
3 Top Student In History
4 Top Student In Mathematics
5 Top Female Student
6 Student Placing First In Grade 12
7 Governor Generals Academic Medallion

List of awards:

  • Royal Canadian Legion (Branch 147) Award
    Proficiency in Grade 12U Chemistry
  • Krause & Butt Insurance Senior Biology Award
    Proficiency in Senior Biology
  • Kelly History Award & Canadian World Dept. History Award
    Proficiency in Modern Western Civilizations History
  • Henry Bernick Prize in Mathematics
    Proficiency in Grade 12 Mathematics
  • University Women's Club Award
    Constance Sheppard & Moira Groat Scholarship Female Student with the highest average in Grade 12U credits
  • B.C.C. Centennial Scholarship
    Student placing first in Grade 12
  • Governor General's Academic Medallion
    Student placing first in Grade 11 and Grade 12 combined

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