A whole new web site

 A bead of sweat drips from my brow... but it looks like I pulled it off. The Clements Family web site has just had a massive overhaul. Basically, the entire underlying framework has been rebuilt (upgraded from the ancient and no longer supported Joomla! 1.0.13 to 1.5.18, and that 0 to a 5 in the middle is really important).

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On Newstands Now

Color Magazine Issue #7

My photograph "The Shoppers" is featured on page 232 of Color Magazine Special Issue #7! That's kind of cool (at least for me). There are 127 "merit award" winners published in the magazine, out of over 2,000 photographs submitted. My photograph is published in the abstract category.

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Dan's Photographs at City Hall

Lower Mulcaster Street, Barrie

If you take a trip down to City Hall, you will find a photography display in the Rotundra that features three of my photographs. They are three of the five photos I entered in the "Picture the City" photography contest, and my work "Lower Mulcaster" received honourable mention in the "Heritage and Architecture" category.

Oddly, the whole contest turned out to not be about what I thought it was supposed to be about, which was "picture the city." I took that quite literally, but half of the 16 winning photographs could have been shot almost anywhere and one of them is clearly not even in Barrie. There are some nice photographs, though.

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Dan's Toe Crushed in Freak Kayak Accident

Toe crushed by kayak On Saturday, Jennifer and I went for a nice kayak trip in the bay. After returning, we were carrying the first boat to the car when tragedy struck. The darn handle slipped out of my hand, and I dropped my end of the boat.

Unfortunately, the keel landed a direct hit on the nail of the big toe on my left foot, and I never saw my toe nail again.

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Jennifer and Kristin Return Safely From Italy

Row of trees in Tuscany

Jen and Kristin arrived back safe and sound this evening!

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Jakob Heading to High School

Jakob graduating grade 8

Jakob is finished with elementary school, and ready to move on to high school! That's both our babies in high school, proving the saying that time flies when you're having fun.

Jakob graduated with honours from Codrington Public School, which he has attended since grade four. He will be attending Central Collegiate in downtown Barrie this September (the same school as his big sister, who'll be in grade 11).

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