Ammonite - Late Cretaceous

Ammonite - Late Cretaceous

The Caching Through the Ages Ammonite geocoin set is the brainchild of Alberta geocacher Tethys C and his wife C-Side Girl. And what a spectacular set it is! The four geocoins in this set accurately represent ammonites over a period of more than 130 million years, from the Late Triassic to the Late Cretaceous period. The maps on the backs of the geocoins are the work of Professor Christopher R. Scotese (who received a set of geocoins in return for their use). You can explore more by visiting Professor Scotese's PaleoMaps web site here.

A total of 250 sets of Ammonite geocoins were minted: 100 in Antique Silver (my set), 100 in Antique Brass, and 50 in Antique Copper.

Size: 44mm x 53.5mm
Weight: 34.3 g


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