AtlantaGal 2007

AtlantaGal 2007

Thank goodness I had my own geocoin to trade, so I could get one of these strikingly beautiful geocoins from AtlantaGal!

Obviously, AtlantaGal is a Penn State Fan. I once took a fraternity (Delta Upsilon) Road Trip to Penn State, and returned there later for a Leadership Conference. I remember it being in the middle of... I was going to say nowhere, but actually it was the middle of Pennsylvannia. (But look at a map and you'll see what I mean. You're looking for a city called State College. It's in the middle somewhere.)

I started caching over 3 months before AtlantaGal. As I write this (18 January 2007), I have 441 finds, she has over 3,000. I'm a slacker!

Size: 42x30mm
Weight: 27.4g

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