CachingCoins "Nickells"


The front of the geocoin says "You've found a piece of CACHINGCOINS' treasure" and CachingCoins -- a geocaching couple from somewhere in the U.S. -- want to see these geocoins travelling around. There were 600 pairs of them issued and the pair were sold for $4.99, which is phenomenal considering there is only $3.50 left to mint the geocoin after Groundspeak takes their cut for the tracking code. The second geocoin has a duplicate code, but the PC prefix is replaced by a dash. This one is meant to stay at home in the collection, while the other geocoin travels. It's a neat piece, and I'll put one out in the wild to see how long it can survive.

Size: 55x31 mm
Weight: 34.5 g
300 pairs minted


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA