Geoguitar - Danoshimano

Geoguitar - Danoshimano

In 2008, Landsharkz offered the Geoguitar series of geocoins. This was a group project, where individual geocachers could customize a guitar geocoin, with the caching name on the back.

Although I was reaching the end of my geocoin addiction, I participated with the idea that I would get enough of my own geoguitars to trade for a complete set. I think there were 50 or more cachers participating.

I didn't quite work out, and there didn't seem to be much interest in trading. In the end, I only managed to trade for five other personal geoguitars. (And I still have a pile of my own.)

This is my personal geoguitar. There were lots of choices of colours for the various parts, including glitter. For the name on the back, there were a few font choices. However, Landsharkz kindly offered to do my name in my special font that I used for my personal geocoin. This is the only geoguitar geocoin with this font.

In addition to the personal geoguitars, Landsharkz also issued three special country geoguitars (Canada, USA, and UK).

Size: 82 x 28 mm


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