Landsharkz 2007 (Helen's)

Landsharkz 2007 (Helen's)

In 2007, Landsharkz followed up their first signature geocoin with this slightly modified version called "Rock Garden". The front remains the same, and the back now features a kayaker navigating a rock garden. The green shark with the blue kayak is Chris' geocoin (Mr. Landsharkz), and the copper shark with the mango kayak is Helen's geocoin (Mrs. Landsharkz).

Living on the ocean, Landsharkz gets to do fun stuff like ocean kayaking which makes me a little jealous. On the other hand, I do get to do a lot of lake and wetland kayaking around here and I don't have to worry about killer whales jumping on top of my kayak. Although once a giant carp scared the crap out of me on Little Lake. I know... but it was really really big. And kind of prehistoric looking, swimming under my boat like that. Better than getting swamped by a killer whale, though.

Size: 57 mm x 27 mm
Weight: 16.6 g


P.S. No need to email me. I know the killer whale thing is fake. But the carp was real. (Real big.)

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