Newfoundland 2007 (Nickel)

Newfoundland 2007 (Nickel)

Newfoundland. We're going there geocaching some day soon. Hopefully summer 2007. Cape Spear is the eastern-most point in Canada, and vies for the title of eastern-most point in North America with Rundingen, Greenland.

"Long may your big jib draw" is a Newfoundlandish saying meaning something along the lines of "a good wish for the future."

Newfoundland is a distinct society within Canada. Many Canadians (myself included) feel an affinity for Newfoundland without ever having visited it. This feeling comes from knowing somebody from the province.

UPDATE: After visiting Newfoundland, I have an even greater affinity. I want to live there!

The polished nickel version features translucent paint on the rose and shamrock.

Size: 42 mm
500 geocoins minted


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