Norman Geocachers LE

Norman Geocachers LE

Norman Geocachers is the Northern Manitoba Geocachers, a small group of geocachers in, you guessed it, Northern Manitoba. They are associated with the Manitoba Geocaching Association (MBGA), and all proceeds from the sale of this geocoin went to the MBGA Education Fund.

The front of the geocoin says "North of the 53rd parallel" which is pretty far north (I cache around the 44-45 parallel), and "Where you can't see the Forest for the Trees." (And you can't see the trees for the mosquitoes?) On the reverse we have "The Gateway to the North" (even that far north, you're still south to somebody), "Caching Canuck Style" (by dog sled), and "The Keystone Province / Welcome to Friendly Manitoba / Canada".

Size: 29 x 50 mm
170 geocoins minted

norman geocachers

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