A very nice personal geocoin from Roboknight, a geocaching couple from Warrenton, Virginia. Roboknight is a computer engineer who likes puzzle caches, and it shows on this geocoin. The polished chess knight forms a question mark, representing puzzle caches. On the obverse a pair of ammo box chess pawns face off on a chessboard. The reverse features a knight defending his castle with a glow-in-the-dark moon. The eye on the castle represents Roboknight's "Beholder's Eye" puzzle cache and also glows in the dark. To top it all off, the white circle on either side reveals a glowing binary message when placed under a black light. (The knight's suit also lights up under the black light.)

This is an excellent geocoin that was actually slagged on the geocoin forum because Roboknight had the audacity to ask more than some people were willing to pay. With only 250 minted, I snatched up two.

Size: 30 x 51 mm | Weight: 28.2 g
250 geocoins minted


Roboknight glow-in-the-dark geocoin

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA