Bernd B's Route 208 (Matt Gun)

Bernd B's Route 208 (Matt Gun)

Bernd B is a cacher from northern Germany, and this is his personal geocoin. It commemorates Bundestrasse 208, a route that takes you approximately 130 km from Hamburg to Mecklenburg, just south of Wismar on the Baltic Sea. You could get there by taking a major highway, but Route 208 appears to go through the countryside, and everybody knows that's where the real action is!

Bernd B issued 350 geocoins in Polished Gun (aka Black Nickel), 100 geocoins in Matt Chrome, and 50 in Matt Gun (this geocoin). It can be difficult to distinguish the Matt Gun geocoin from the Polished Gun geocoin. The latter is shiny (polished), and the former has a slight brownish tinge. Both geocoins have to be tipped in the light to distinguish the difference. Ready to be confused some more? Compare a Polished Gun geocoin to a Black Nickel geocoin. Are they the same finish with a different name? I think so.

The tracking number for this geocoin is hidden along the bottom edge.

Size: 50x30 mm
Weight: 22.1g


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