Rusty O Junk

Rusty O Junk

Rusty O Junk is a longtime geocacher from upstate New York. The moment I first caught sight of his personal geocoin I added it to my seeking list. It's a nice piece with the portrait on the obverse and old tractor on the reverse, both of which are excellent engravings. Then there's the issue of the name: Rusty O Junk. That goes on the Cool Geocaching Nicknames list for sure.

The obverse legend on this geocoin rings true with me: "First to Find is like air -- it's not important unless you aren't getting any"

By the way, Rusty collects vintage farm tractors, and he tells me the tractor pictured on this geocoin is a 1935 Allis Chalmers Model WC (one of two Allis Chalmers in his collection). Having been a farmer at one time in my life, I have a question: Why don't they build cars like tractors? That is, so they LAST!

Size: 38 mm | Weight: 21.7 g

Vintate tractors in Drumheller
Downtown Drumheller, Alberta, on a Saturday night (August 2003)

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA