SunshineGang 2006

SunshineGang 2006

I had the pleasure of finding SunshineGang Geocoin Traveller #2 in May 2006. In fact, I was just about to go to bed, when an email popped into my mailbox. It was a log entry for Riley's Travel Bug Treehouse announcing that a geocoin had been dropped off. The time was 10:05 pm. Twelve minutes later, I had retrieved the geocoin. Back then I wasn't collecting yet, and was very hungry to see these geocoins in person. Later, I passed it off to a fellow cacher, and it continued its journey. A couple months later, I obtained this example from a geocacher in Georgia who was selling off a chunk of his collection. It was part of my first multi-coin deal.

This is a large geocoin and it is quite spectacular with its golden finish. The smiling sun is also cut out, which adds to the uniqueness. SunshineGang is a geocaching family spreading sunshine from their homebase in Jennison, Michigan.

Size: 50 mm | Weight: 40.2 g


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