Sylvan Seekers - Trickel (Gold)

Sylvan Seekers - Trickel (Gold)

The "Trickel" fairy geocoins were issued by CJPJ from Pennsylvania. The Sylvan Seekers is a book that CJPJ has been working on and Trickel is a sprite/pixie/fairy character from the story. CJPJ's children helped design this geocoin. Here's the story from the reverse of the geocoin:

Deep in the forest, in a hidden glade grows an ancient Oak tree. This tree is home to a certain woodland sprite by the name of Trickel. Adventurous and daring, she is always looking for treasures in the highest of mountains to the deepest of subterranean caves. Legends as old as the hills suggest that just catching a glimpse of this pixie will bring a person great luck until the setting of 2 suns. Many seekers have embarked on missions just to locate the fairy Trickel, with hopes that spotting her will grant great insight and luck for their following quest and journeys.

So there you have it. Trickel is a sprite/pixie/fairy. CJPJ's family helped design the geocoin, and they hope to make a series of it.

Size: 45 mm | Weight: 44.8 g


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