Symbology (Copper)

Symbology (Copper)

This beautiful, large, all-metal geocoin is the work of crake, one of the superior commercial geocoin creators. It was released in early 2007 in three (or possibly five) flavours. I know about the antique bronze, antique silver, and antique copper because I have them here in my collection. Apparently the copper is an LE. However, I have also read posts from the deep-past that indicate there may have been five finishes?

The front of the coin features the symbols of geocaching. The reverse features an image of the globe (not centred on North America -- nice) surrounded by the names of the fifty countries with the most placed geocaches. The edge of the geocoin is stamped with "Symbology (n): The art of expression through symbols. Christopher Rake (crake) 2007".

Size: 50.5 mm


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