Team Fish Eagle (Silver)

Team Fish Eagle (Silver)

Fish Eagle is a geocacher from South Africa. Mpumalana province, to be exact. Here is a pronounciation lesson, and some words on the area from Fish Eagle:


Mmm - a bit drawn out
poo - as in "poo" (yuk)
ma - as in "ma", not panga
langa - with the a's same as ma

Mpumalanga is a province in the north-east of South Africa. Great variety - we have high mountains, many waterfalls, hot plains, many wild animals, and the Kruger Park. The capital is Nelspruit, S25°28 E031°00, and right now, we're into summer and it's hot as hell, about 33°C.

There you have it! You can read a little tidbit on the African Fish Eagle itself at Daniel's Coin Zoo.

Size: 42 mm | Weight: 36.1 g
60 pieces minted


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