The Lost Cacher

The Lost Cacher

This is a very interesting geocoin with some interesting history. First, it was issued by JF&C a geocacher in Ontario near the Ottawa area. But his geocoin is based on The Lost Cacher, a "mystery" cacher who may have been in the Nebraska area.

JF&C places a special Halloween cache each year, and in 2006 issued this geocoin based on his 2004 Halloween hide.

Meanwhile, The Lost Cacher who may or may not be from Nebraska was finally tracked down and identified by Ventureman7. And that's about all I know, except for the fact that there may actually be no connection between JF&C's geocoin and The Lost Cacher.

Size: 29 x 45 mm |Weight: 24.7 g
100 geocoins minted


Note: There is also a version with red letters/graphics of which only 11 were minted.

The Lost Cacher  


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA