Tommy Trojan

Tommy Trojan

Tommy Trojan is a very special geocacher from Southern California. He is obviously a very large USC Trojans fan. He does not have many geocache finds (just over 100 at the time of this writing), but he has hidden 29. Where this cacher really stands above the crowd is with travel bugs. According to his profile, he has released 675 bugs. Add another 150 geocoins to that total. Plus, he plans to release 1,000 of the Tommy Trojan geocoins. Wow.

Because many geocachers kept asking TT if they could have one of his geocoins for their collection, he decided to sell a limited quantity of them. While I personally jumped at the chance to spend $13 (shipping included), other "protectors of the hobby" lashed out because the price was higher than they thought they should be paying. Oi! Thanks, Tommy, for allowing me one of these beautiful geocoins in my collection. And if I help fund the 1,000 geocoins you are putting into circulation, all the better.

Size: 38 mm | Weight: 26.3 g


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA