What was in your mailbox...

What was in your mailbox...

I suppose the full name for this geocoin is "What was in your mailbox today? Brag about your good days! Groundspeak Geocoin Forums Geocoin." Yeah, that's it. There was at least two versions of this geocoin, but for the life of me I cannot find the old thread on the forum. This version came in several flavours: The regular edition (this geocoin) is blue and came in chrome and shiny gold. The artist edtion had a red mail box, and shiny gold outer ring (only 30 minted).

If you look closely at the background on both sides, you will see all sorts of geocacher's names. In fact, there are over 125 names (not sure if that counts names hidden by the foreground art). These names are all geocoin forum 'regulars', although, if I recall correctly there were a lot of people who felt left out. I thought my name was on there, but now I can't see it. Maybe it was the other coin.

Size: 42 mm


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA