Geocache Find #600!

Geocache find #600

Geocache find number six hundred came today as Jen and I found four caches together. Since hiking in the woods is the main name of the game (for us, at least), I planned some caches on the Oak Ridges Moraine that I have been eyeing for awhile. A quick stop in Bond Head for a micro got us to 597, then we moved on to the first hiking cache: Tomtec's "Echo in the Glen" were we would encounter a naked jogger on the trail.

This cache lies directly beside the Glen Echo Family Nudist Park which is situated in a heavy mosquito area. Weird. Anyway, the trail in was about 1.3km and was fantastic. We found the cache without any trouble, then met up with the nude jogger on the way out.

From there we headed over to Lloydtown to do the "Rebel Trail" multi-cache. However, the steps required to find the second stage proved meaningless to me and we were faced with a dilemna. I really wanted #600 to be a cache that took some effort, but now with a DNF on Rebel Trail, my plans were in jeopardy. No worries, though... we just made a quick detour over to the Tottenham Forest to find the Simcoe County Trails Series cache placed over there. Then we had trouble finding it! But luckily Jen made the find (her second of the day).

Geocache find #600 - tag

From there we back-tracked a bit to another Tomtec cache: Home on the Moraine - Hammertown. This was a three stage multi-cache and once again I found myself tripped up by the instructions to get to stage two. Luckily Tomtec provided clear instructions of what we were looking for at stage two, so I quickly realized my coordinates were faulty.

Jennifer to the rescue again! After she suggested doing it a slightly different way, I came up with modified coordinates that made sense. While I was busy searching for the tag to direct us to the final, Jen found it on the next fence post to my left. From there we had a nice hike and found the final in a typical hiding spot.

Danoshimano's personal geocoin

To celebrate the find, and the quality of the cache, I dropped one of my trade-only geocoins into the container. It seemed that was enough incentive to get Tomtec out to upgrade the cache container to a spiffy ammo box. The cache is even sporting a new name now: "Stop! It's Hammertown!" 

This was the quickest "milestone" find for me -- only 85 days since find #500, which was the COG Spring Fling III event cache on June 2. However, it was not the quickest 100 finds. That happened between the end of May and the first week of August when I found 100 caches in 78 days. That "binge" included our trip to Newfoundland, where we found caches every single day of the trip.

Well, there you have it. 600 finds in 3 years, 238 days. It's a pace I like and enjoy. Happy caching!

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