Geocache Find #800!

Geocache find #800

It's been a little quiet on the geocaching front lately, but winter has a tendency to do that. The 146 days it took to go from 700 to 800 finds is more than it took to get the previous 200 finds. However, find #800 was the kind of cache hunt that I love and makes it all worthwhile!

On Sunday I conquered New Tecumseth Multi with Juicepig and Arghh2006, and a true "multi" it was, with nine stages in a great, hilly, snow-laden forest. 

I even found several of the stages first, and even missed one that was right in front of my face (literally). For some reason I was looking down. The first eight stages were all micro caches, but they were done very well and do not suffer from the "multi-in-a-forest" stigma. The final was a full size ammo box.

The forest in laced with trails that run up and down and across streams. Being winter, we did a few "cross-country" forays, including some heavy hill climbing to get back to the parking coordinates. Interestingly, Arghh and JP both carried their snowshoes (and JP in running shoes no less). I kept my MSR hikers attached to my boots the whole time. You can run in those things! 

There are a couple other geocaches in this forest and a cacher could easily spend a couple hours in here. This is the kind of cache that makes geocaching worth doing. Thanks to bthornhill for setting this one up. 

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA