2000 FINDS

Geocache find #2000

After 8.25 years of caching, I found my 2,000th geocache today. I no longer really care about the so-called "milestones" in geocaching (every 100 finds, for most), however, find number two-thousand does have some meaning.

Of course there are geocachers who find 1,000 caches in a single year. There are geocachers who find 5,000 geocachers in a year. Or more. (Seriously.) And then there are the more, ahem, sane among us who do it more for "location" than the find count.

A lot of geocachers make a bigger deal of things like this by, say, planning some trip to get some very special cache. (Which I did for find number 1,000.) Since there are literally hundreds of unfound caches within a 50 km radius of home, I have decided to focus on those, rather than burning up fossil fuel to find far-away caches.

Looking at my stats with 1,999 finds, I saw 135 finds from DRMOO team sitting there on my profile page. DRMOO team has hidden a LOT of geocaches, and they are all pretty much high-quality hides, with many really special hides. And there was a small series of four unfound DRMOO hides waiting for me in the Webb Forest tract.

So it was settled. Off to the Webb Tract to take a leisurely stroll through the woods, starting with At Home in her Webb, which you see me holding in the picture. By the time I came home, I had 2,005 finds, and 140 of them were placed by DRMOO (7 out of every 100 finds).

I'll write my next "milestone" article in 3-5 years for find number three-thousand!

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA