Geocacher "Danoshimano" sets worldwide geocaching record.

Geoaching 50-50 Day

Today, on the occassion of his fiftieth birthday, Danoshimano shattered his previous record for most finds in a single day, and in the process also set a worldwide geocaching record.

Specifically, he was the first geocacher ever to find exactly 50 geocaches, during daylight hours, on their fiftieth birthday, on Thursday, 19th April, 2012, while having a caching name that is eleven characters long, starting with a D and ending with an O.

Although the record has not been totally vetted at this point, it seems highly unlikely that there was another geocacher somewhere in the world who turned 50 on this day, and also found 50 geocaches. And meets the other criteria.

The record run also skyrocketed Danoshimano into the top 300 geocachers in Ontario, going from number 305 to number 297, although he fully expects to slip back down due to not really caring that much.

Dano started the hunt with the first find at 9:30 am, which he called a "decent hour" to get at it. Several things made the record possible, including: having a bicycle in the back of the land barge, having a power trail close to home, and not having to go to work.

The power trail in question was the Barrie to Orillia Rail Trail. Although many caches along this trail had previously been found by Danoshimano, there were large strings of unfound caches, totalling 45 hides. Of these, he searched for 44 and found 42, making up the difference in nearby forests.

The final find came just before 5:00 pm, seven and a half hours after the first find. At that point, Dano was 35 minutes from home, where he was supposed to be at 5:30 pm, so the timing was impeccable.

Total distance travelled was 128 km, 28 km of it by bicycle, and about 2 km on foot.

Dano briefly considered going for 51 caches next April 19, but then dismissed the idea because in the end, he prefers to just take his time when geocaching, rather than worrying about not meeting some goal, or worse, not making it home in time for cake.

50-50 Day Map

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