Danoshimano & GeoJake Go To Meaford

don't step on a crack

On Saturday August 12, finding themselves abandoned and alone, Danoshimano (aka Dad) and GeoJake (aka Jakob) headed out on a geocaching adventure around Georgian Bay. With no particular goal in mind -- other than a caching adventure -- they headed toward Collingwood and beyond.

By the time they made it back home late Saturday night, they had found 5 geocaches, missed on two others, and had plenty of fun.

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Gorge Hole in the Rock

Geocaching in the Niagara Gorge

In 2004 Jennifer and I were down in the Niagara Gorge below the whirlpool doing some geocaching. Those three caches are listed in our favourites below. Now, in 2006, we have returned with the children in tow to go in again to find dex4's "Gorge Hole in the Rock " cache.

Once again, we weren't disappointed and there was unanimous agreement: This is a fantastic place to go for a hike!

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Geocache Find #300!

Geocache find #300

On Friday June 16, we descended into the Niagara Gorge to make our 300th geocache find! Find #299 had come a week earlier and we held off looking for any more caches that weekend. Instead, we were waiting for our weekend trip to Niagara Falls where we knew some very special caches would be waiting.

The cache is called "Down The Canadian Gorge" (by dex4), and we were not disappointed! To claim the find, we had to descend into the gorge at the site of the whirlpool, following a winding trail through a dark forest.

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GCR3X8 - Sunny Dale Cache

Jakob hunting Sunnydale Geocache

This FTF was one of those "live for the moment" events. Jakob and I arrived home first on this evening, and instead of doing the correct thing -- get the home work done, including the project that was due the next day -- we charged off to try for an FTF in our own backyard. This cache literally showed up on the homebase radar minutes before we arrived home. It was practically in our backyard and in the same park as the first cache I ever found. It seemed irresponsible not to go for it!

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Danoshimano and Kritter Have Awesome Cache Trip!

Danoshimano & Kritter! at a waterfall

Geocachers Danoshimano (aka Dad) and Kritter (aka Kristin) had an amazing geocaching trip on Wednesday 12 October, 2005! After packing the gear and lunch early in the morning, they headed 96 km west via Stayner to Flesherton and beyond to Markdale. The first target was just west of Markdale, where they went to complete the Where's In a Name? cache. This was a 'cooperative' virtual cache that moves around the world. The opportunity to complete this cache came after being contacted by V-I-cacher in British Columbia. From there, it was on to the beautiful Beaver River Valley area.

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