Kristin Stars in School Play

Kristin as Alice (in Wonderland)

It was back in November 2005 that Kristin announced she was going to try out for a part in "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland", an extra-curricular play at her school. When asked what kind of part she was trying out for, she said just a small part.

That evening, she announced that she had been selected for a part. What part? "Alice," she calmly replied. Say, isn't that the main part? Actually, she was to co-star with another "Alice" and they would alternate scenes through the two-act play.

After six months and over 80 hours of work, the play was finally presented. With her family present, along with Grandma and Grandpa Sealy, Grandma Clements, and Cousins Morgan and Tristyn, Kristin put on a fantastic performance. In fact, the whole play was very well done and very entertaining. With over 40 students involved in the cast and crew, it was an impressive accomplishment.


The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA