A Road Trip to Halifax

halifax 2018a

Although we did a big tour of Nova Scotia last year, circumstances lead us to take another trip east this year. This time we took a van load of stuff -- mostly wedding gifts and a bed -- for Kristin and Michael to aid in their move to Halifax near the end of August.

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Road Trip to Indianapolis & Chicago


During March Break, we took a trip to Indianapolis with Kristin to meet the Hart family. We had a wonderful time, including a tour of downtown Indianapolis and Newfields (aka the Indianapolis Museum of Art). You know what is awesome (besides the Hart family)? Indianapolis. It really is an impressive place, and we saw some great things.

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(Another) Summer Road Trip

road trip 2017

Another summer, another road tip! This year, the trip was to and around Nova Scotia, along with a bunch of stuff between here and there.

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Summer Road Trip!

summer road trip

Jennifer and I took a 12-day summer road trip during the last half of August, and we've got the pictures to prove it! Lots of pictures.

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Return to Sanibel Island

20141228 022

After seven years, we made a third trip to Sanibel Island. Located in the Gulf of Mexico, near the southern end of Florida, Sanibel is a family favourite.

Since we were last here, it seems to have gotten more crowded. Apparently people can spend up to two hours to get on the island for the day, and we witnessed the traffic jams leaving in the evening. Good thing we had our own condo on the beach, so no problem there.

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Halloween Pumpkins 2013

Pumpkin2013 Heisenberg
Pumpkin2013 Spider
Pumpkin2013 Tigger
Pumpkin2013 Wolf

Here, for your viewing pleasure, are our four carved pumpkins for Halloween 2013.

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA