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GCQ820 - Ghost Town Josephine

Kristin with geocache

Kritter's special cache! We put this one together in the spring, and finally hid it at the end of August. The cache was published just before midnight on August 23, and found the very next morning by Swifteroo.

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GCNGNG - COG #11: Willow Creek Ravine

Willow Creek Ravine

A two stage multi-cache in the Willow Creek ravine. This one is designed to be winter-friendly! In fact, it is better in the winter, on snowshoes. (Assuming the final cache doesn't get frozen in its spot!)

GCNNNJ - Willow Creek Ravine #2

Willow Creek Ravine in fall

The first cache I ever placed. I have it on good authority that the poison ivy can be avoided on the way to the cache. It was sometime after I had placed my second cache, that I renamed this "#2" because I was confused by two caches with "Willow Creek" in the name. The fact that it is called #2 is proof of the extent of my confusion!

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA