Changing Hosts

I am moving my website from the horrible, bait-and-switch Hostpapa, to a superior Canadian webhost provider WHC (Web Hosting Canada). NEVER use Hostpapa! This brief article is here so I can tell when the DNS servers have been successfully updated.

Back to School x 3

dalhousie planning

It's back to school day for three-fifths of the family!

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A Road Trip to Halifax

halifax 2018a

Although we did a big tour of Nova Scotia last year, circumstances lead us to take another trip east this year. This time we took a van load of stuff -- mostly wedding gifts and a bed -- for Kristin and Michael to aid in their move to Halifax near the end of August.

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The Wedding of Kristin & Michael



Michael & Kristin became Husband and Wife on this beautiful Saturday in July, at Springwater Park near Barrie. Following is an excerpt that tells the story of their first meeting on the Pacific Crest Trail. It was written and delivered by Mary Coleman, the Wedding Officiant and family friend of the Hart Family of Indianapolis.

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Website overhauled (and hauled to new host)

Not the longest run between major overhauls, but a close second at just over three years (a long time in internet years). The big change this time is the move from Bluehost to Hostpapa for the hosting of (and and coin (along with a small pile of domain names)).

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Road Trip to Indianapolis & Chicago


During March Break, we took a trip to Indianapolis with Kristin to meet the Hart family. We had a wonderful time, including a tour of downtown Indianapolis and Newfields (aka the Indianapolis Museum of Art). You know what is awesome (besides the Hart family)? Indianapolis. It really is an impressive place, and we saw some great things.

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The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA