Danoshimano's Pathtags

Danoshimano's personal pathtags

Pathtags are small (23 mm) metal tags that Geocachers use as signature items, and to trade and collect. While geocoins can be manufactured by almost anybody, Pathtags are the product of a single company. Pathtags have many advantages over geocoins:

  • Inexpensive - A geocoin addiction can make you broke, but Pathtags are inexpensive enough to leave in geocaches as trading items.
  • Small - You can mail pathtags to other collectors in a regular envelope for the price of a regular stamp
  • Centralized Trading - There is a single website that has all the Pathtags ever created, and shows which ones are available for trade. All trading is managed through the site.
  • Collection Maintenance - You can manage your created tags and your collection all on one website

Pathtags are not tracked like Travel Bugs or trackable geocoins on the geocaching.com website. However, each tag design has a unique serial number on the reverse. (All the tags of that design have the same number.) The Pathtags website displays a map showing every collector who has "logged" your tag, so you can see where in the world you have traded your personal Pathtag.

Almost all of the tags in my collection were obtained by trading through the mail with other geocachers. A handful were traded in person, and a very small number were actually found in geocaches.

Click here to view Danoshimano's Pathtag collection (loads several hundred images, but they are very small).

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