Danoshimano's First Personal Geocoin!

Danoshimano's Personal Geocoin

Wow! My very own geocoin! I can hardly believe it, but here it is. I decided to make my first personal coin a non-trackable trade-only coin. That means I will never sell them. I only made 150 of these antique silver/black nickel numbered coins, and that's all there'll ever be of this particular issue.

This geocoin brings together three of my hobbies: Geocaching (obviously), coin collecting (not so obvious, as you'll see in a second), and mountain biking.

I started mountain biking in 1996. The image on the coin is a re-creation of an actual event. That's me in my first season at Three Stage in Pretty River Park, near Collingwood, Ontario. Actually, I am about to end my first season. The time is the Fall, and the steep downhill trail is wet clay. Slippery, slimy, "elephant snot" clay. I am out of control, with no brakes, and thinking that I should crash soon. The thought is that if I go down on purpose in the right spot, it'll be okay. Before I can choose the right spot, the wrong spot chooses me. My front tire slides off the trail, into a rock, and I do my first major endo. Flipped over the handlebars, I land on a pile of rocks. Hard. So when you look at that image on the coin, that's what it is all about. (The bruising on my body caused my normally mild-mannered doctor to swear in amazement.)

The backside of the coin utilizes a 3-D die to get a nice effect on the cassette. You may notice that it is a 7-speed cassette. It is 1996, after all! I made the coin 4 mm thick to achieve the effect of a bicycle wheel.

The other hobby is coin collecting. That hobby goes way back to my high school days. After a long hiatus, I took it up again around the turn of the century. I have two main collections. The first is Canadian colonial tokens, which are a plethora of coins issued in the Canadian colonies between 1812 and 1860 when Britain failed to provide coinage for commerce. The other collection is world coins after 1900 with animals on them. For that, I have started up a coin zoo. You can see it HERE.

TRADING: I will trade other geocachers for their personal geocoins.

- Danoshimano


Size: 42 mm x 4 mm thick
Weight: 44 g
Material: Copper base with antique silver and black nickel plating
Obverse: 7-colour enamel
Reverse: 3D die
Sequentially numbered 001 to 150

The CLEMENTS Family | Barrie, Ontario CANADA