Jakob Off to Humber College

There he goes! After taking a year off to work, Jakob has returned to school at Humber College (North Campus) where he will be studying in the Electromechanical Engineering Technician - Automation and Robotics Profile program.

Humber College North Campus

The "technician" program Jakob is enrolled in is a two-year course, however, he will have an option to upgrade into the "technology" version of the program, which adds a third year. It all looks like great fun (and work).

jakob humber-1

On Sunday, the whole family loaded up the land barge, and helped move him into residence (above). This nine storey residence is quite nice, and all the rooms are singles. (Oddly, the bathrooms/showers are co-ed, which was kind of skipped over on the tour.)

jakob humber-2

All the rooms had an info sheet for incoming students to fill out, plus a random picture of someone. Considering that somebody had a picture of Oprah, I was pretty pleased to see Jakob's door featured one of my personal heroes (even though he is not studying physics).

jakob humber-3

When we first entered the room, the large picture window taking up all of the far wall featured the mostly-bare aluminum facade of the next building over. Jakob's reaction was "check out my wicked view!" However, if you just look a little to the left, there's trees and sky.

jakob humber-4

Humber brings their students in one week before classes begin so they can freely enjoy their orientation week, and participate in various seminars to help them transition into their new life. Above is the residence lounge for the fourth floor. The main campus buildings are across the parking lot, and once over there the entire school is interconnected.

jakob humber-5

Our favourite son is starting a new chapter of his life, and it looks pretty exciting!

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