Jakob Wins Jumbo at Fair

Jakob wins jumbo prize

Excitement at the fair reached a fevered pitch this year as Jakob snatched a jumbo prize from a confused game attendant.

The game -- a fish-for-a-prize-bag style affair -- promised a jumbo prize to anybody who fished out a bag that contained a balloon. Jakob made his choice and the young lady running the game asked him what he thought he got. Jakob's two word response was simply "a balloon."

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Rhys Survives Week

Rhys Duncan, the 2½ year-old intrepid explorer has survived a week with Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Dan, and family. Check out some highlights of his adventures

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C6-5 Rocket Engine Tested

Model rocket

The Estes C6-5 solid fuel rocket engine was used for the first time today in the "Tidal Wave" rocket. Previously, only the A and B class engines have been used. The results were spectacular, as the rocket climbed to new heights and was barely visible in the sky.

However, the rocket launching was cut short after only two launches due to high winds and a near disaster.

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Kristin on tour

Kristin in Nova Scotia

We have received a whole bunch of photos from Kristin on tour in Halifax and Cape Breton Island! Kristin and her friend Aimee are staying there for a while with Aimee's Aunt Tanya. Special thanks to Aunt Tanya for making this wonderful trip possible.

The pictures are all in a photo album in the PHOTO GALLERY. Just click on a thumbnail to see large versions. If you click on a large picture, you can see the picture full size (it will open in its own window). Just click the picture in the window to close it and go back to where you were.

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Mars Exploration Rover Completed

Mars Exploration Rover

Eight months after the project was approved, the Mars Exploration Rover has been completed and deployed.

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Kristin off to Nova Scotia

Kristin packed for Nova Scotia

Kristin's suitcase is packed, and she is leaving for Halifax with her friend Aimee, where they will be staying on the ocean for ten days with Aimee's Aunt Tanya. This is the second year that Kristin has gone on this trip. Lucky girl!

If we are lucky, Kristin will send some nice photos, so we can turn this into a feature article on the site.

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