Compass Rose 2006 (Gold)

Compass Rose 2006 (Gold)

A commercial geocoin that is famous, or infamous, depending how you look at it. A version was first issued in 2005, then in 2006 a polished nickel version similar to this one was issued. Due to great demand, a new gold version was minted and offered for sale. Unfortunately, demand was so great that would-be buyers quickly crashed the web site. Weeks later, the remaining geocoins went back on sale at a specified time. Within 10 minutes they were all gone. A true "gold" rush, and one that caused some tempers to flare.

While the back side of this geocoin is plain and unimaginative, the main attraction -- the ancient compass rose -- makes that unimportant. The detail is fabulous, and the execution is superb. The coloured sections are encased in transparent enamel that has to be seen to be appreciated. It should be noted that this is not an original design, but rather a direct copy from an ancient design. No matter, because it is a design that deserves to be perpetuated, and it is done extremely well on this geocoin. Being a western European design, the first point of the 32 point compass is east, that being the direction of Jerusalem.

Compass Rose on Wikipedia
Origins of the Compass Rose by Bill Thoen

Size: 44 mm
Weight: 43.4 g


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