I aggressively collected geocoins from May 2006 through to the end of 2008. Presented here are 986 of the approximately 1,040 geocoins I acquired during the frenzy.

Astrolabe (Bronze)

Astrolabe (Bronze)

Another masterpiece geocoin by crake. This is what he says about this geocoin:

The Astrolabe is an ancient astronomical computer. In real life there would be several movable parts. A really good animation can be found HERE.

On the geocoin there are no moving parts, but I did try to get a moving alidade for the back side. It was a spinner that went through a hole in the middle of the geocoin. The problem was that the finish of the attachment was really rough and the precision of the combined pieces was really poor. I felt that the effect was not worth the decrease in overall quality, so I removed the spinner. So alas, the geocoin is "fixed" in time and space smile.gif

This particular design is based on several different astrolabes. Several styles were merged to create a look that is unique and pleasing (for me at least). The backside is again based on several designs, but the final art is original.

I also opted to remove the suspension ring to keep the geocoin shape.

Size: 51mm
Weight: 57.3g


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